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This year’s MENAA Awards honors outstanding performance in two categories: Brand of Impact Award & Leader of Impact Award of the Year. In both categories a wide range of industries from all across the Middle East, North Africa & Asia will be evaluated.


Previous accomplishments show where you have been and hints at where you are going. Organizations have to show us how their experience and expertise are brought to life through their work. Winners in both categories will be honored for their hard work and dedication; a small reward for the enormity of their impact on the Middle East, North Africa & Asia.


MENAA Best Brand Award is a regional award granted to the companies & business leaders of The Middle East, North Africa & Asia for their initiatives and outstanding achievements. Receiving the Award proves brand’s exceptional nature in the eyes of professional community. The Award is aimed at obtainment of impartial, independent, and large-scale evaluation of the participants. They are evaluated by jury which are a professional honorary committee comprised of leaders, who have a wealth of knowledge of the industry they work for.


The Middle East, North Africa & Asia Award Organization is organizing “Brand of Impact Award of the Year” in the Middle East, North Africa & Asia region and will be celebrating the success of those companies that have gone beyond “The Branding Excellence”. In the past 7 years, Middle Eastern companies, consultancies and associations submitted their work for evaluation by the jury. Over 100 companies were recognized and awarded by some of the world’s top celebrities.